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Misty Slopes

As a sales manager for small breweries, I started making can-dles as a creative way to promote and market our beer and give the can art a second life. During my furlough with Archetype Brewing, I dove into books, podcasts, all sort of things that would help me learn more about how to create quality candles.


The can-dles I create today started by: experimenting with double boilers, trying all the different can openers under the sun, creating therapeutic scent blends, and talking with my brewery friends about the possibility of up-cycling their beers cans. While the inspiration flowed, Phish played on heavy rotation in the background and a theme emerged. I guess between the aromatherapy of the scents and the subconscious inspiration of the lyrics, "You got one Life, Blaze On," hit home and encouraged me to go for it and start my own business.

With the support and encouragement of my friends, family, and fellow small business owners, I'm learning more every day what it takes to run a business and incorporate sustainability into my life. From blending scents to creating this website, the business continues to offer so many ways to explore my creativity.


So much gratitude to all who support Blaze On! The ultimate goal is to enjoy the journey and help others find and enjoy their own. 


You got one life, however the can's got two! 

Blaze On! 

                                     ~ Michele 

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